How to install Spotube App

How to Install Spotube App

When you first try Spotube, a common problem is with signing in. Spotube works like Spotify, and usually, apps like this need Premium Accounts to download music. But with Spotube, you can use it without needing a Premium Account.

If you still have not downloaded Seal Apk, you can download Android latest versions below.

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Spotube Android Login

Logging in with your Spotify account on Spotube Android version is really simple. Just tap on the "Settings," then select "Connect with Spotify." It will take you to the official Spotify login page where you can safely enter your credentials and log in. 

Spotube Desktop Login

Unfortunately, right now, Flutter apps on desktop can't use a webview. So, users need to manually get cookies from Just like on Android, go to "⚙️ Settings" > "Connect with Spotify." This opens a login page where you need to put in sp_dc & sp_key or sp_gaid cookie values. There's a button called "Follow along the Step by Step guide" for a tutorial in the app. Even though there's a tutorial, here's a quick guide:

  • Go to in your browser.
  • Log in with your Spotify account.
  • Open Developer Tools (F12).
  • For Chrome/Chrome-like browsers: Go to the Application Tab.
  • For Firefox: Go to the Storage Tab.
  • In the Cookies section, copy the values of sp_dc & sp_key or sp_gaid cookies.
  • Paste these values in the matching fields in Spotube.
  • Click "Login."
  • Done! Now you're logged in.